Welcome to Sandy Brown Art

Who I Am As an Artist

I paint change; my painting is a fluid and organic process.  I prefer not to work from a preconceived idea, photo or sketch, rather spontaneously put down color, line, and texture and let images appear from the painting process itself.  I find embracing the uncertainty of it all exciting, and hence love watermedia, which is perfectly suited to me.  For me, uncertainty is the cornerstone of what I do, and I love working in the present moment.  

When I started to paint, I wanted to create a perfectly rendered recognizable image and pursued this train of thought for many years.  I don’t remember exactly when, but one day I remember grabbing my largest brush and wiping out, without thought, a painting that I hated.  I sat up and took notice after seeing the colors and shapes flow and merge on their own. I started working with this piece, pursuing emerging forms, or not, if I lost interest. I kept at it, and miraculously, painted something that resonated with me.  I never looked back. 

My work is reality-based, and draws from my direct observation of the world and nature. My emphasis is on painting relationships; this drives both what I paint and how I paint it.  A painting, I feel, should present an image in such a way, that you see with new eyes—that you see in a new and different way.  My hope is that a few of my recent works have achieved this goal.